Setting the IR receiver port polarities




A 0-255 decimal number, the bits of which indicate the polarity-sense of each IR reciever port.


This command is available only on Slink-e V2.0 and later.

A "1" bit indicates that the input is active-low (when the  input goes to 0 Volts), a "0" bit indicates that the input is active-high (when the   input goes to 5 Volts). All ports are active-low by default so that they will work   correctly with the IR receiver modules. If you have some other low-speed serial device which is active-high (e.g. a Control-S input) that you would like to connect, you will want to change the polarity on that port. Be careful with this option - if you set the wrong polarity for a port, the Slink-e will be locked into a constant receive state and will become unresponsive.


lowlevel:irrxportpol[127] would make ports IRRX0-IRRX6 active-low and IRRX7 active-high