int ReportNoMatch


This property is an integer flag which tells the server whether or not you wish to be informed of incoming messages which do not match up with any of the commands in the device files you have loaded. The server will pass on the nomatch messages if ReportNoMatch is nonzero. This is useful for advanced users who wish to generate device files for new devices, otherwise you will probably not want to use this feature as it will create many more events for your application to handle. The events generated by the server will have the following format:

For IR messages:


Where X is the IR port number, group is the IR code group best matching the message, and bin is the decoded binary (ASCII "1"’s and "0"’s) using that group

For S-Link messages


Where X is the S-Link port number and hex is the ASCII hex code of the data



Where X is the S-Link port number and bin is the ASCII binary code of the data. This "bit mode" data is only shown when the S-Link message contains an incomplete number of bytes.

Example (Visual Basic)

Slinkx.ReportNoMatch = 1