Setting up the parallel port

First, a very important warning : The "parallel port" on the Slink-e is not at all like the standard Centronics parallel port you have on your PC. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PLUG STANDARD PARALLEL PORT DEVICES INTO THE SLINK-E - DAMAGE WILL OCCUR! This said, the purpose of the Slink-e parallel port is to allow electronics hobbyists with some low-speed general purpose digital I/O lines that can be used to control or read the status of their circuits. The following pins on the expansion port are relevant to the parallel port. The digital I/O pins are intended for 5V logic signals only - use at your own risk - you can permanently damage your Slink-e through over-voltage, shorts, or mis-connection of these pins.

Slink-e Expansion Port
DB-25 pin number
Pin Name Description
13 DIO 0 Digital I/O bit 0 (lsb)
25 DIO 1 Digital I/O bit 1
12 DIO 2 Digital I/O bit 2
24 DIO 3 Digital I/O bit 3
11 DIO 4 Digital I/O bit 4
23 DIO 5 Digital I/O bit 5
10 DIO 6
Digital I/O bit 6 or digital output
strobe (software configurable)
22 DIO 7
Digital I/O bit 7 or digital input
strobe (software configurable)
5 +9V 9 Volt unregulated supply
(do not draw over 100mA)
17 +5V 5 Volt regulated supply
(do not draw over 50mA)
18 GND Ground