Simple tests of Slink-e funtionality

If you apply power to the Slink-e, the LED should light green and   may flash orange briefly but should otherwise remain green.
A simple test for the Slink-e IR port is to point an IR remote control at the receiver and press a button. If the Slink-e picks up the signal, the LED should flash orange intermittently or continuously while the button is pressed.
A simple test for the Slink-e S-Link port is to plug an S-Link device into one of the S-Link ports (SL0-SL3) using the supplied cable or one of your own. If you turn a S-Link device on or off you should see a brief flash on the orange LED indicating that S-Link messages are being received. (power on and power off messages are typically sent by most devices)
More advanced testing can be done using the test option within SLINKSERV.EXE