Port Diagnostics

If SlinkeServ is having trouble finding your Slink-e, the port diagnostics information provided by SlinkeServ may help identify the problem.

How do I view the port diagnostics?

From the SlinkeServ menu bar, select View | Slinkes. Then double click on the Port Diagnostics item.

What does this information mean?

The port diagnostics lists the results from SlinkeServ's attempts to locate Slink-es on all of your serial ports. There are 4 possible outcomes

Found! - A Slink-e was found sucessfully on this port
Not Found - SlinkeServ was able to connect to the port, but found no Slink-e
Not Checked - SlinkeServ was configured in View | Options not to check this port
Not Accessible - The operating system refused SlinkeServ's request to access this port. This can happen for many reasons:
The physical port does not exist
The port hardware is not configured in the Control Panel
Another program or driver is using the port. This might be:
Graphics tablet
PalmPilot HotSync
CDJ running in stand-alone (non SlinkX) mode