Creating a log file

CDJ allows you to create a log file which contains all of the communications which occur between CDJ and the Slink-e during the time the log file is enabled. These log files are tremendously useful to the CDJ programmer (myself) for solving problems / bugs with CDJ and problems with players.

Generally, you should disable the log file option when you don't need it as constantly writing a log file can take up a lot of disk space. If the log filename already exists, new log files are appended to the end of the old file. Therefore, log files can grow without bound if you leave the option on.

To create a log file:

Go the View->Options->Slink-e property sheet
Choose a log file name (e.g. log.txt)
Check the Record activity to a log file box
Close the property sheet using OK or Apply
Go about whatever CDJ activities you wish to log. Logging will be enabled until you turn it off explicitly. Logging will continue even if you close CDJ and restart it (this is useful for logging startup activity).
Due to file sharing limitations, you cannot view the log file when CDJ is logging to it. You must disable the logging by unchecking the Record activity to a log file box and closing the property sheet using OK or Apply
Once again, make sure you have disabled logging when you are done!