Uploading text to the players

CDJ allows you transfer the title and artist text in your CD library to CD changers which support text features. To transfer text, do the following:

Press the Transfer Text toolbar item or select Library->Transfer Text from the menu bar.
Choose to either upload all library items to the player(s), or just those you have selected in the album view.

Some important notes regarding uploading:

Most player models which support text only allow uploading of 13 characters per disc.
The CX270 and CX90ES model allow uploading of disc title, artist name, and track titles. Each can have 16 characters.
The CX270 and CX90ES support the same title, artist and track information for a second 200-disc changer.
The CX270 and CX90ES uploading feature is sensitive to extraneous activity on the S-Link bus. While doing the upload, none of the players should be playing, and other non-CD S-Link devices (such as receivers) should not be connected.
CDJ expects that master player is selected on the CX270 and CX90ES. If the slave player is selected on the CX270 and CX90ES before the upload, the text will be transferred to the incorrect player in the CX270's library.