SlinkeDeviceEvent(BSTR * DeviceName, BSTR * Message)



A string containing then name of the device from which the message was received


A string containing the received message.


All the messages that the Slink-e receives which match codes for devices you have added to the control are sent to you via an event called SlinkeDeviceEvent (unmatched codes can also be received if ReportNoMatch is non-zero). It is important to recognize that since the S-Link ports are bi-directional and the Slink-e has both an IR receiver and transmitter, most commands you Send will be picked up by the Slink-e as received events.

Example (Visual Basic)

Private Sub Slinkx_SlinkeDeviceEvent(Device As String, Message As String)
    If (Device = "tv") Then
        If (Message = "power") Then
            Rem TV power button pushed on remote
        End If
    End If
End Sub

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