Low Level Device Interface

Many users would like to access  the low level functions of the Slink-e without having to deal with the Slink-e serial port interface or losing the versatility of the SlinkX control. A special device type called lowlevel has been created to meet this need. By creating a device file with a single statement:

type = lowlevel

and adding this device file with Ports = 0, IDNumber = 1, a special device will be added which allows you access to many low-level Slinke commands. Using the AddDeviceText method makes this even simpler by not requiring an actual device file, only a text string "type = lowlevel". Although there are no commands in this device file you have loaded, the Slink-e server supports the following hard-coded command and response functions


Setting the IR carrier frequency
Setting the IR sampling period
Setting the IR timeout period
Setting the IR minimum message length
Setting the IR routing table
Setting the IR receiver port polarities
Enabling the IR receiver ports
Enabling the IR transmitter ports
Transmitting an IR signal
Transmitting a S-Link message
Transmitting a S-Link bit-mode message
Setting the parallel port handshaking mode
Setting the parallel port bit directions
Sampling data from the parallel port
Sending data out the parallel port
Setting the baud rate


Receiving signals from IR ports
Receiving a S-Link message
Receiving a S-Link bit-mode message
Receiving data from the parallel port