Port Send Message

Command Code:

Binary: [p2 p1 p0 1 1 1 1 1] [command] [data]


Modify settings, read settings, or perform so other action on the specified port.

The second byte contains the command which specifies what action to take. Some commands will require additional bytes of data. The following commands are supported:

All Ports

Disable port
Enable port

S-Link Ports

Send S-Link bit mode

IR Ports

Set IR sampling period
Get IR sampling period
Set IR carrier frequency
Get IR carrier frequency
Set IR timeout period
Get IR timeout period
Set IR minimum message length
Get IR minimum message length
Set IR transmit ports
Get IR transmit ports
Set IR receive ports
Get IR receive ports
Set IR receive port polarities
Get IR receive port polarities
Set IR routing table
Get IR routing table

Parallel Port

Set Handshaking Mode
Get Handshaking Mode
Set Direction Configuration
Get Direction Configuration
Sample Port

Serial Port

Set Baud Rate
Get Baud Rate


Get Version
Save defaults
Load Defaults
Get Serial Number